"ThinkWinter" Landscaping Fun

Written By: Laura Ball

School has started. Shuttling the kids to the bus stop every morning before work as you peel the sleep from your eyes has become the new reality. Gone are the lazy, summer days of relaxing by the community pool or stuffing the car to the brim with way too much luggage and then trying to find places to fit the kids and family dog where they’ll be safe and comfortable.

The days are growing shorter and, soon, the chilly, frosty nights will cover the landscape like a cold, cruel blanket. You look longingly out at your neighbor’s beautiful patio and outdoor fireplace and realize yet another spring and summer have passed you by for that backyard project you and your spouse have been dreaming of for years. Who wants to spend any time shivering in cold, plastic deck chairs on a chilly evening? Where’s your outdoor fireplace to prolong your backyard enjoyment during the crisp, fall evenings?!

But, why are you despairing? Maybe it is more of a mental thing, as large retail stores start to stock their shelves with Halloween and Christmas paraphernalia, giving us a bit of anxious tunnel vision. But, there’s good news! Did you know that winter is actually an excellent time to start a backyard project with Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping & Design?

We are so blessed with an abundance of loyal clients that, in season, we book out, on average, 6-12 weeks in advance! Calling us during a slower season gives you a definite advantage! Waiting until our busy season to get on the schedule means that you might not get on the list as soon as you’d like. Take advantage of the typical winter slowdown to get ahead of the game.

Let me give you a little glimpse into why “thinking winter” is not such a bad idea when it comes to your landscape projects –


That’s right. As folks start to deck the halls and plan for trips to celebrate holidays with family and friends, we generally have a little extra time for twiddling our thumbs. And, most of us find that quite a bit boring. We love our work and keeping our employees busy.

Not to mention, our usual frost line here in Virginia does not prevent all excavation for the entire winter season like that of our northern friends. We can still dig out, level, and compact ground for patios, walls, and other hardscape projects as long as the ground is relatively dry. A project might take a little bit longer to complete if it snows or we experience a prolonged freeze, but if you’re patient, the end result is well worth it! And, you will be ahead of the game when the spring crocuses poke their sleepy heads through the ground.

(If the financial aspect of it feels a bit intimidating to you during the holiday season as you shop for gifts, remember that we can also break up a project into smaller parts and complete each at different times! Many of our clients choose to do this, and it is an excellent strategy.)


Have you ever wondered what on Earth you can get your spouse, your parents, or your grown children when they already seem to have it all? Have you heard them lamenting their lack of outdoor entertainment spaces? Do they already have five Instant Pots and a drawer full of holiday socks?

Mix it up a little and get them a gift that will last them many seasons and provide memories to last a lifetime! Even if they have a beautiful backyard with a gorgeous patio, is it lighted? Have they been wanting to add a fire feature? Is the family expanding and needing more space to play? Is the existing patio looking drab and in need of updating?


Think that winter means putting the planting to bed entirely? Not so fast! Most plants are sleepy and dormant at this time, but, if the ground is not completely frozen, it can still be worked. And, if you can make sure to pour a bucket of water over them to settle them in per instructions, many trees and shrubs can still be transplanted in winter, as long as they are in stock at the local nurseries.

Also, if the garden has been suffering for looks, winter is an excellent time to call us to put a fresh, vibrant layer of mulch down and clean out any ugly debris or eyesores that have been agonizing you for awhile. We can also draw you up a fresh garden design before the spring rush hits if you feel like you simply want to start over with something new.


Hopefully, these suggestions have given you a fresh perspective on winter landscaping and just a few of the possibilities that exist. So, while you’re waiting for the kids’ bus to roll around the corner, start daydreaming about the projects Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping & Design can help you with this winter. Then, scribble them down in a notepad and give us a call at (804) 690-5516. Don’t let winter “freeze” the progress on your outdoor project needs!