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Our FREE consultations get you in contact with our designer who will help you discover the landscape of your dreams. You can put your trust in us to help you create your own personal sanctuary.

Garden Sanctuaries’s design team takes pride in their ability to listen to the client and incorporate colorful, custom garden designs for multi-season enjoyment. Let us provide you and your family a paradise for a relaxing and fun retreat from life’s pressures.

Our designs are built with top quality materials from the companies we trust the most.

Unless a client desires otherwise, we use materials from companies such as:

We offer a number of custom solutions including, but not limited to, patios with fire pits, low voltage lighting integration, outdoor kitchens, multiple level designs, and retaining & freestanding wall setups. Our designs incorporate a plethora of beautiful and durable custom paver & wall block sets. We’ll provide you with a unique solution that will serve you and your family for years to come.

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Patio & Walkways

Paver patios and walkways provide a low maintenance solution to a stubborn yard that refuses to support a green and living environment. Installing these hardscape options allow your yard to thrive as paver colors magically enhance with rain. Enjoy your property value increase in monetary and social value, all while avoiding vexatious muddy puddles.



Retaining walls are primarily used to regrade an area, improve drainage, and hold back ground. Seating walls define an area and provide expanded entertainment space. We can do both! Inquire today to discover how we can improve the value of your home with a very practical, yet aesthetically pleasing, wall design.

Garden Designs

Garden Sanctuaries’ design team members take pride in their ability to listen to the client and incorporate colorful, custom garden designs for multi-season enjoyment. Let us provide you and your family a paradise for a relaxing and fun retreat from life’s pressures.

Pond/Water Features

A pond, fountain, or waterfall creates ambiance and promotes calmness, focus, and creativity. Garden Sanctuaries can help you install a feature that not only produces aesthetically pleasing visuals, but also allows for a positive atmosphere that gives back with sound, texture, and movement.

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Low-Voltage Lighting

A simple way to increase home value is with low-voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage involves minor maintenance and allows for an inexpensive solution to hosting company after sunset. Above all, it generates increased security. Illuminate your sanctuary with hidden light features or with eye-catching detail. The choice is yours.

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Fire Pits/Rings

Light up your night with the an enticing backyard treat. Whether it’s a relaxing night with a loved one or a celebration among friends, a fire pit is a versatile feature that enhances memories year-round. Embrace memories around a dancing light that pairs best with stories, s’mores, and laughs. 


Extend your backyard with the focal point everyone will be talking about. Warm up next to loved ones in front of a fireplace on a cushioned outdoor seating area or find comfort next to the crackling of the fire with a warm cup in your hands and let the sounds of the night welcome you in. There’s nothing like unwinding to the performance of flickering lights surrounded by a stone stage designed just for you. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Increase the total value of your property with the power of an outdoor kitchen. Cooking odoriferous foods, such as fish, outdoors  prevents those unpleasant aromas from lingering within the home for days. Preparing food outside also saves money by reserving energy usage for maintaining indoor temperatures without having to compensate for that heated oven. Need we even mention BBQ’s?


Creative Drainage Solutions

How was that heavy rain a couple days ago? Is it still standing in the yard? Luckily there are ways around this problem. French drains are great for both undercover and detailed solutions. Dry creek beds, retaining walls, and rain gardens are also great ways to regain control over your yard again. Your grass will thank you.


Paver Driveways

Paver patios are more than just beautiful pieces of art. With each interlocking piece, it allows a driveway to breath with the earth and resist cracking. Maintenance is cost-efficient since a single paver can be replaced at a time without having to re-do the entire project. With a paver sealant, stains become a worry of the past. Say hello to bright and beautiful every morning!

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A pergola offers diversity for you to style the home of your dreams exactly how you imagine it. Climbing plants, like Wisteria and grape vines, love these structures. Pergolas also offer shade on a summer day, privacy from neighbors, depth and definition to a landscape, and additional space for hanging plant pots and wind-chimes. Metal or vinyl are also beautiful material options if wood doesn’t fit your preferred atmosphere.

Yard Clean-up/Reclamation

Reclaim that pesky yard with Garden Sanctuaries. Our designer will help you confidently showcase your home with ease and comfort by helping you find a style that supports your lifestyle. Discover a new design that helps you maintain your property while being easier on both your schedule and your wallet.

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Sod Installation

Avoid the birds and eliminate the look of a patchy lawn. Sod helps give your yard that face lift it needs. This one day process saves time and water when compared to seeding to grass a yard.  Lush, time efficient, and money saving is the name of the game when its comes to a green yard brought to you by sod.