10 Creative Flower Bed Ideas

Written By: Kayla Fernandes

     Spring is upon us, and so is that time of the year where all of the farmers markets, grocery and home improvement stores are displaying all of the hottest new gardening supplies. Are you ready? We know we are. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm and create something remarkably special for yourself this year.


     Let’s start with the basics. This technique will still separate you from the crowd without the complex directions to go along  with it. Make sure to visit your local distributors to check out their mulch and rock supply. Believe it or not they will have more to choose from than the Lowe’s down the street. Some of our personal favorites are Pete Rose, INC. and Watkins Nurseries.

     BONUS TIP: Install gopher wire (or any metal mesh) underneath your flowerbeds if gophers are an issue in the area to help prevent them from destroying your flowerbeds.


     Who said we had to make flower beds with 90 degree angles and place them in front of the house? It is time to make a stand against the norm. I want to see flowerbeds in the shape of flowers with fountains and a bench in the middle! 

(Oh. A bench! We will get to that one later…)

     If you want help with out of the box ideas, our designers can help. Free consultations can be set up by calling us at (804) 690-5516.


     So we have all seen those edging blocks from the home improvement store that look like it came straight out of the children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that resemble a line of camel humps. If you google “scalloped edging stone”, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Yeah, those. Let’s not use those. 

     Here are the days that we acknowledge that using stone that is flush to the ground is a far classier look. Natural stone is also a respected material that  not commonly used. You can thank me later.


     Speaking of natural stone. Stacked natural stone is all the rage now a days. These beauties are commonly used for retaining walls, but we are keeping our minds open this year. We can use stacked stone for fire-pits, water features, patios, and walkways as well. 

     BONUS TIP: If you want to incorporate a large scaled project into your yard, natural stone is actually a cheaper route for high square footage designs. 


     Say it with me now, “No More Scalloped Edging!”.

     There are so many better edging options out there. Luckily, there are a good handful of manufacturers who have you in mind. Belguard, Eagle Bay (both of which will soon become one), and Techo-bloc are great manufacturers to begin that search into those options with. Don’t skip out on all the different textures and colors available for you out there.


     Gone are the days of hard corners. Flow with mother-nature and allow your eyes to glide through your yard with curved retaining walls that help you attain a classic flowerbed look. Windy edges can be built with pavers in a retaining wall fashion, or outlined in river-rock, or even by using a boulder or two if you’re dealing with slope. 

     **My personal favorite way to incorporate curved edges is in a retaining wall-flowerbed-GRAND ENTRANCE.**


     If you have ever been involved in live theatre or photography (…or really any artistic outlet), you know that levels and dimension are EVERYTHING. Directing eyes to different heights allow a flower bed to poses different styles that skillfully integrate together. Using multiple elevations in your garden gives you the opportunity to play with color scheme, trellised and hanging vines, or even leaving a separated section for a fairy garden.  


     Techo-bloc has blessed us with a paver that allows us to get the look of wood without having to replace it every few years due to deterioration. They named this sturdy material “Borealis” and it comes in multiple realistic wood finish colors. Incorporating these will have your yard going against the grain. This way you can achieve that railroad tie look and effortlessly maintain it for generations.


     Okay, so right angles aren’t the worst idea ever. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with a raised bed. They can be made even better with some extra detail mixed in. Throw in a little multi-level action, and a dash of bench and that flowerbed is given that unique flair you’ve been looking for. 

     BONUS TIP: Adding a decorative retaining wall drain is a simple touch that will distinguish you from the rest.


     The beloved stone retaining bench is the perfect touch for a lush flower bed. Have you ever heard of eco-therapy? What better way to reap those meditative benefits than by literally sitting among your very own garden. This space-saving and unique idea invites loved ones to relax  in your own personal hand-made sanctuary. 

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