5 Benefits of “Off” Season Hardscape Planning

Written By: Kayla Fernandes


Thinking about moving or increasing your home’s value? The easiest way to do that is by installing structures that benefit the living space. RealEstate.com exhibited a study that showed that for every dollar put into an outdoor improvement project, a homeowner will get a return of 60 cents to $2 up to a 14% increase in home value. To put that into perspective, that means a $500,000 home can add $75,000 to its resale.

According to client requests in 2019 to Garden Sanctuaries Landscaping & Design LLC, the most sought after hardscape designs are paver patios, fireplaces and firepits, retaining and seat walls, and outdoor kitchens.


As temperatures outside start to decline, so does the amount of people that think about getting their hands dirty with an outdoor project. Scheduling a project during the colder months creates the perfect timeline for that outdoor sanctuary to be ready for you as the sun starts to warm the earth again. Applying for permits during the winter months or early spring tends to cut down time in the process because permitting groups are not being swamped with other applications. Getting ahead of the crowd also gives you time to make sure your project is ready for summer entertainment. 


Let’s think about when the yard is being used the most. Usually it’s when the weather is nice outside. That’s why the perfect time to welcome a construction company to tear up a yard is when it sounds a lot more appealing to stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa next to the fireplace inside. The double whammy is as the project comes to a close, spring starts to sprout new growth as well. That fresh new ground is prime real-estate for that new garden you’ve been thinking about.


Historically, manufacturers raise prices by an average of 5-10% at the beginning of each year. Getting on a contractors calendar before that happens ensures that the project saves $. With it being slow, that also means it’s the season of discounts for outdoor construction companies. Products used to create that dream landscape reduce in price without the competition. Supply and demand is a beautiful concept when it works in your favor. 


Are you a busy bee who is always running around with a tight schedule? No problem. During the colder seasons, things tend to slow down for outdoor construction, which allows more time for you. Winter months allow designers to be even more accessible than usual. This leaves additional time for making design modifications and picking out the specific materials you would like to incorporate into your design. 

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